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As a professional billing company, United Medical Billing is subject to HIPPA, which governs how we may use and disclose Protected Health Information (PHI). All members of our consortium, workforce, and business affiliates comply with HIPPA regulations and the United Medical Billing HIPPA policies.


United Medical Billing is committed to safeguarding the data of our clients and that of their patients. This policy details the collection, use and protection of Patient Health Information that we receive under HIPPA guidelines and regulations.

Data Protection

In our line of business protecting the data of our clients is what makes us reputable and reliable, without which we could not be in business. We, therefore, take the protection of patient data very seriously and thus train all members of our team about our privacy and security procedures prior to them handling any patient health data. Additionally, all data is communicated in a secure manner via a trusted file sharing application and data privacy company for the protection of all parties involved. We believe that privacy is a fundamental right and that the protection thereof is foundational to our relationship with our clients - a matter that we uphold with the highest standards.

Use of Information

At United Medical Billing we never keep personal information longer than necessary or for anything but its intended purposes. Furthermore, client and patient information is never disclosed to anyone who is not authorized to receive this information, taking all reasonable measures to prevent the loss or misuse of said information at all times (e.g. encryption).

Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy
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